Project Review Phase For LEED BD+C And LEED ID+C Projects

LEED Project Review

There are two types of review options for LEED BD+C and LEED ID+C projects.

The first option is the combined review, in which documentation for all the design and construction prerequisites/credits are submitted for review at the end of the construction phase. At the end of the combined review, GBCI will mark the submitted prerequisites/credits as awarded or denied. If there is more information needed by GBCI about a prerequisite/credit, GBCI will mark it as clarify, and the project teams will submit the requested clarification. It is a little riskier than the second option, which is the split review. If some of the expected credits are not awarded, there will not be a makeup since the project is already completed and no change in design or construction can be made. If a prerequisite is not awarded, then the project will not be able to receive a LEED certification at all.

In the second option, split review, the design prerequisites/credits are submitted for review during the design phase, and both the additional design prerequisites/credits and all the construction prerequisites/credits are submitted at the end of the construction phase. When the design review is complete, GBCI will either mark the design prerequisites/credits as anticipated or denied. No prerequisite/credit will be awarded during the design phase since the design will also need to be implemented on-site during the construction phase. If a design prerequisite/credit is marked as anticipated, it means that the project will earn it at the end of the construction phase once that design is implemented on-site. If it’s marked as denied, in order to earn the prerequisite/credit, the project teams will need to come up with a design alternative rather than proceeding with that design.

At the end of construction phase, the additional design prerequisites/credits (if applicable) and the construction prerequisites/credits are sent for review. GBCI will this time mark all of them as awarded or denied unless clarification is needed. If more information is needed about a prerequisite/credit, it will be marked as clarify, and the project teams will submit the requested clarification.

The review fees will depend on the gross floor area of the project. Expedited review is also available for an extra flat fee of $10,000 for combined review, and $5,000 per design and construction review under the split review. The fees are flat fees for both USGBC members and nonmembers and will reduce the review duration from 20–25 days down to 10–12 days.