What Are The Requirements To Sit For The LEED AP BD+C Exam?

What Are The Requirements To Sit For The LEED AP BD+C Exam?

Green building industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, targeting millions of jobs in lots of different sectors. USGBC, which is the creator of the most widely used rating system in the world, has created the LEED AP BD+C credential to offer professionals a designation to help them stand out in the building industry. As more and more businesses in the green building industry are seeking to hire new team members with the green building qualifications and expertise necessary to make a positive impact in their organizations, many professionals are also seeking the LEED AP BD+C credential.

The LEED AP BD+C credential is created for professionals with advanced knowledge in green building practices and with specialization in the LEED for Building Design and Construction rating system. And in order to earn the credential, the candidate must take and pass the LEED AP BD+C exam.

The LEED AP BD+C exam contains two core parts. The first core part is the LEED Green Associate exam. The second core part is the LEED AP BD+C exam, which contains 100 randomly delivered multiple-choice questions that should be completed in two hours. LEED Green Associates will only need to take the second core part of the exam in order to earn the LEED AP BD+C credential. In other words, if you are a LEED Green Associate, you can take your LEED AP BD+C exam anytime you want.

The LEED AP BD+C exam can also be taken in one sitting. However, if the test taker passes the first part of the exam, which is the LEED Green Associate exam, and subsequently fails the second part, the test taker cannot earn the LEED Green Associate credential and must then retake the whole exam and pass both parts. It is always recommended to take the LEED Green Associate exam first and then take the LEED AP BD+C exam as this will avoid a lengthy exam session that will have a negative impact on the test-taker's concentration level.

In order to pass all the LEED Professional exams, candidates must score 170 points out of 200 possible points and 125 is the minimum score in all the LEED Professional exams. That being said, if you are thinking about earning your LEED AP BD+C credential and take your career to the next level, take a look at our complete exap prep package that offers everything you need to pass your exam on your first try! We are so confident in our unique teaching method. If you don't pass your exam with this pack, we will issue you a 100% refund. No questions asked. More info...