What Is Exemplary Performance In LEED?

LEED Exemplary Performance | LEED Blog

For eligible LEED credits, a performance beyond the LEED credit requirements will earn projects exemplary performance points, which are generally achieved by doubling the credit requirements and/or achieving the next incremental percentage threshold.

In the “Site Development—Protect or Restore Habitat” credit, projects can earn this credit by restoring 30% of the previously developed land by using native or adapted vegetation. If the project can restore 60% of the previously developed land, the project will be awarded an extra point for achieving a level of exemplary performance.

Another example would be the “Renewable Energy Production” credit. If the projects can produce 10% of their annual energy consumption by cost with on-site renewable energy sources, the credit will award 3 out of 3 points. If they can go beyond that and establish 15%, which is the exemplary performance threshold for that credit, an extra point will be awarded.

Don’t forget that all the LEED credits are not eligible for exemplary performance; moreover, eligible credits have different requirements for exemplary performance.

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