What Is LEED Online?

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LEED Online is the online platform of USGBC (www.usgbc.org/leedonline/) and is shared by both USGBC and GBCI. In LEED Online, project teams can register their project; pay their certification fees; upload their LEED submittals, documentation, and photos; access their credit templates and calculators; contact their project reviewers; contact customer support; send a credit interpretation ruling (CIR); and more. (A CIR is issued when a project team has questions about the details of a prerequisite / credit.)

For documenting the LEED prerequisites / credits, the project teams should fill in the credit templates available at LEED Online. With the use of credit templates, every LEED project prepares LEED submittals in the same format, which streamlines the preparation of LEED applications and the review durations. For the prerequisites / credits that require any calculation, credit calculators are also built into the credit templates, which the project teams can use to input their calculation data. All the project team members can have access to the prerequisites / credits uploaded to LEED Online.