Regional Priority Credit | LEED Blog

Regional Priority Credit

LEED projects span the entire globe. They exist in different climate zones and in different population densities, and they...
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LEED Rating Systems | LEED Blog

LEED Rating Systems Overview

Just like individuals have credentials such as LEED Green Associate or LEED AP BD+C...

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LEED Prerequisites, Credits, And Pilot Credits | LEED Blog

LEED Prerequisites, Credits, And Pilot Credits

Prerequisites are the minimum requirements that all buildings under a certain rating system...
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LEED Minimum Program Requirements (MPRs) | LEED Blog

LEED Minimum Program Requirements

The minimum program requirements are the minimum standards / characteristics that...

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What Is Life-Cycle Approach In LEED?  | LEED Blog

What Is Life-Cycle Approach In LEED?

A life cycle of a building covers location selection, design, construction...
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Sustainable Thinking | LEED Blog

Sustainable Thinking

The green building process is very different from the conventional building process...
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Regenerative Design | LEED Blog

What Is Regenerative Design?

Regenerative design is an important aspect to mention that can be seen...
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Triple Bottom Line | LEED Blog

What Is Triple Bottom Line In LEED?

All green buildings should establish three components: Economic prosperity (profit)...
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LEED Online | LEED Blog

What Is LEED Online?

LEED Online is the online platform of USGBC ( and is shared by both USGBC...
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LEED Exemplary Performance | LEED Blog

What Is Exemplary Performance In LEED?

For eligible LEED credits, a performance beyond the LEED credit requirements will earn projects exemplary performance...
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